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We are here to revolutionize dating.

No more wide net that doesn't fit.

No more creepers and fakers.

Only those who you truly align with

your people...your tribe.






















We are NOT your standard dating site.

We stand to make you successful in your conscious dating endeavors

and find that like-mind that alights your heart and soul.

We are here to support you! Here's how...

  • MINDFUL GUIDANCE around your dating profile, the messages you send out and generally how you interact. We understand we've all been taught to have our armor up, to mind what we say and react when we get a response that isn't what we wanted. This isn't serving any of us and we stand to help you navigate a new way of communicating that honors both yourself and the other. 

  • A RESOURCE CENTER (directory) of seasoned, personally vetted personal, spiritual and relationship coaches who will provide free downloadable guides, masterclasses and information on their direct, personal 1-on-1 services for you with which to engage. This empowers you to identify and understand your self-defeating patterns and overcome them with grace, thereby calling in your truly aligned life partner while maintaining your own authentic personal power and gifts.

  • EXPERT FORUMS led by knowledgeable, personally vetted coaches to give you guidance along your path. Here you can interact with professionals who assist individuals every day with how to more successfully engage with those they feel drawn to. You can ask questions, interact with other forum participants and gain valuable skills and tips for your ventures forward in your dating endeavors.

  • COMMUNITY FORUMS (including self directed book clubs) where you can meet like-minded people, have open conversations and possibly meet someone you weren't profile matched with who is your perfect fit. Our goal is to perfect match you with someone via our matching algorithm, but we know that's not always the reality. Sometimes your perfect fit has some different views, beliefs, interests, etc. You never know who might light you up, so we want to provide opportunities to meet that person, even if they weren't a match on the site.

  • ACTIVE MONITORING to maintain the integrity of this community. We take creating a safe, respectful space for you to meet other mindful individuals quite seriously and will be vigilant in our efforts to minimize and eliminate any "shenanigans". We'll need your collaboration, but, together, we can turn this ship. You know it and we know it. Join and help us make it a reality.

  • SIMPLICITY in how the subscription levels are set up and how interactions work and just about every little thing we can make simple, we WILL. And if it's not clear, tell us and we'll work to make it so. This entire experience should be about easily connecting with others, not figuring out some crazy list of "how to's" just to participate.

  • And we'll be listening to your requests to add even more features that make this experience truly joyful and peaceful for you!



Come join us.


We are a community of people looking for soulful, mindful relationships
and we are willing to do the work to make it happen.


Many of us have already done much of this work. Have you? Will you?


Do you want to find someone who sings to your soul?


If you're done sifting through the chaff, this is your place.

We promise to...

  • Match you based on programs/workshops/philosophies

  • Strongly guide matches to craft a proper message, not just a quick "hey baby" outreach

  • Only allow pic sends after at least 2 communications

  • Offer coaching professionals who can help you refine your dating profile, your relationship approach and many other aspects of self-development

  • Follow up on reports of members not adhering to the tenets of this community

  • Listen to your feedback for future feature & functionality upgrades

  • Be inclusive of ALL. While we understand the current state of affairs and wholly support the rising of the Feminine Divine, we do not support separation mindset and we are here to uplift all beings in their quest for their beloved, regardless of gender identification, sexual preference or otherwise. We welcome ALL with open arms into the embrace of a new paradigm of dating.


Each and every one of you are critical in making this shift.

We are excited to have you join us and make this new reality together. 


Sign up here to stay in-the-know about all of our exciting updates

and launch plans for this revolutionary new dating platform and receive
periodic advice on being successful in your dating endeavors!

To show our commitment to your success, you will also receive a powerful, guided pre-date meditation to help you walk into any date grounded and confident.

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